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Vimto Juice Drink


Vimto is a popular drink in the Arab world, and it is especially popular in Ramadan and also the morning of the Eid when it is eaten with cookies and candies. Its very sweet and it really doesnt need extra sugar in my opinion but some people still add extra sugar. The drink is really easy to make and needs little explanation but I wanted to share with you my way of garnishing it because sometimes its nice to see familiar foods presented in a new way. You can buy Vimto at Arab stores, they sell it in a can version which is ready to drink and also in the cordial syrup. If you cant find it in your local store, you can also buy it online at Amazon (affiliate link). This is what I did but the only downside is that you have to pay shipping charges.


4 cups water
3/4 cup vimto cordial syrup
additional sugar if desired
berries, lime and mint leaves for garnish


How to make

1.       Mix the water and vimto syrup together. Add additional sugar if desired, but in my opinion its sweet e enough already.

2.       Garnish with berries, lime and mint leaves.