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Sesame date balls recipe

Sesame ِAlmond Date Balls


These date balls are very simple to make and they have a surprise in the middle! Instead of a pit, your guests will find an almond tucked inside the date. I like this date ball recipe because unlike other recipes which call for other ingredients and spices, this lets the flavor of the date be the forefront. If you are serving for guests, it is also a slightly dressed up version of the traditional Ramadan Iftar meal.


Soft ripe dates
Whole Almonds
Sesame seeds

How to make

1. First wash and remove the pits from dates and place them in a bowl.
2. With you hands, mold the shape of the dates into a small ball. This should be easy to do if they are soft, ripe dates.
3. Take a single almond and puch it into the middle of the date ball so that it is completely covered.
4. Repeat for all remaining dates.
5. Roll each date ball in sesame seeds until coated.
Make sure you tell your guests that the date balls have an almond instead of a pit or they might spit it out!



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