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Hulba fenugreek

Hulba (Fenugreek)



2 tsp. ground fenugreek
2 tbsp. bisbas

How to make

Place ground fenugreek in a small bowl of water and let sit for at least one hour. Drain water. The fengureek should have absorbed water and is now ready to be whipped.Whip the fenugreek by hand or using a mixer. Whip until the color has changed from brown to white and the bitter taste is gone. This should take about 10 minutes beating by hand.Add prepared bisbas to the fenugreek and whip in. Add more or less depending on your taste for spiciness. Serve on top of saltah, fahsa, or as a condiment.



Hulba over soup was my  favorite dish as a kid in Yemen. I 've been looking for this recipe for years.  Thank you soooo much for posting the recipes for this dish. I will be making it for years to come!!!!

09.11.2012 Reply


Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it!



Asalaamu alaikom, I remember making hulba as a child, but we used to add another pinch of another powder ingredient, does anyone know what this ingredient was. I think it was a pink ish powder which we called udah hulba but cannot find any reference any where for this. Can anybody help with this. Shukran  :)

10.22.2012 Reply


Aliekum Assalam, Unfortunately I do not know what ingredient you are speaking of. The way I was taught was using the ingredients above. It is possible that ifferent regions have different ingredients. Thanks for your comment, maybe someone will come along who knows what you are talking about.





woow its wonderful thanks my dear

04.13.2013 Reply


What is being used here growing leaf or seeds, looks great cant wait to try it.

05.25.2013 Reply


thanks for your questions, its fenugreek powder



Hi. I was in Yemen in the Year 2004 for 3 month. I love the People and the food. I will try saltah today. I hope my family will enjoy my project ;) thank you for the recipe. I ve been Looping for it a long time. Yours is very practicle and clear. I hope I'll finde fenugreek in my area today. Greetings from Germany.

06.15.2013 Reply


thanks for your comment, I'm glad you liked it. :)



pleas tell me whate kinde of spices add with hullba 

06.29.2013 Reply


Hulba has chinese chives (if you can't find it you can add green bell pepper or green onions instead) and dried chilis (red or brown) plus fresh green spicy chilis, garlic, cumin, cilantro (optional). Some people also add lemon.



hi i would love to make this but i can only find the dry brown seeds version of fenugreek. Can anyone tell me if i can grind this and use it? And will it still be the same as the powered ones? Thank you!

07.10.2013 Reply


hi thanks for your comment, unfortuately I don't have a good answer for your question. The fenugreek that I used in the recipe above was from Yemen and I had very good luck getting it to whip up. Since then I have tried the fenugreek from arab/indian stores and it did not whip up to be nice and fluffy. i don't know why because it looked exactly the same. I think if you grind it you will get the same results I did but maybe not. Perhaps there is some other step or ingredient that's missing and I am looking more into this if I get any info will post In Sha Allah. good luck.



Assalamu Alaikum,

We got Fenugreek powder from Indian Grocery. We tried making Saltah for the first time. The Hulba did not come out as demonstrated in the video, it did not whipe up. Is there any thing else that we should add, or what kind of Fenugreek should wwe be using? Thank you in advance!

07.18.2013 Reply


salam, thanks for your comment.
Unfortunately I had the same problem when I bought the Indian feugreek and also the Arab fengureek from the Lebanese store - it didn't work at all and I was very dissapointed.

The one in the video is actually from Yemen so that's why it was working well. It's strange because it looks the same and everything but there must be something different about it. I am trying to look into this and if I get any information then I will post it on the site. I mean if you happen to know anyone from Yemen that can send it maybe that would be an option for you, obviously I know that won't work for everyone.

Sorry for any trouble about this!



I'm Irani and although our recipes are different, they have a fundamental similarity. I love Yemeni food as much as Iranian food, I think both of ours is the best in the region. What I wanted to ask is how to make the bread to have with the fasah and hulba? I've tried many Yemeni restaraunts in NYC but I can't figure out the bread.

07.21.2013 Reply


thanks for your comment, I'm not sure which kind of bread you mean specifically. There are a lot of breads typically eaten with fahsa, such as malawah (flaky and layered with butter) malooj, regular flat khobz. Probably if you got it in a restaurant it is the regular khobz or the malawah. I have a recipe on here for both of those. Its a little different making it athome because I dont have the tanour but you can check it out and see. Anyway the malawah one is really tasty I recommend that one just to try it.



I'm sure there are some ingredients are added to the yemeni hilbah powder, unfortunetly i dont know what it is.

10.24.2013 Reply


i agree but i also have no idea what is different about it



For some reason I can't find the bisbas recipe. Can you please provide a link?

10.26.2013 Reply


hi sorry for not responding sooner, the word bisbas under the ingredient list is a link which brings you to the recipe


billy mahdi


The ingredient added to fenugreek to make it fluffy is (oud al hulba) but im sorry to say that I dont know what its it's called in English.

01.12.2014 Reply

Umm Maymunah

Assalamu Aleykum,


I have a guess to your hulba discussion: Is it possible that the difference lies in roasting the fenugreek seeds before grounding them and not doing it?!? Because there is roasted ground fenugreek and just ground fenugreek?


04.01.2014 Reply

Umm Maymunah

Alright, I tried it today and I used my selfmade roasted fenugreek power and it whipped perfectly!


I am making it after this:

04.01.2014 Reply


Hi there is another ingredient to make Udah Hulba , my father imports it and supplies it in various quantities, but he won't tell me what the powder is we live in Sheffield in the UK - The Yemenis is UK just call it Udah Hulba

04.22.2014 Reply


We have a great Yemeni restaurant where I live in Brooklyn, NY and its one of my favorite restaurants I go to often - Yemen Cafe  - they served the saltah  with this on top and it was so delicious. By your great collection of recipes, I can now start attempting some of the recipes I love at the restaurant at home. thanks so much

06.02.2014 Reply


hi we have had luck using the fenugreek powder from the Habesha store like Ethiopian market I mean. also the bisbas hyperlink is not working.

06.30.2014 Reply

hajara yaro

Testing hulba for the first time. It's a delicious experience!

01.01.2016 Reply


Thank u so much for this recipe I have been looking all over the place I've had this back home at some friends house in Eritrea, it was delicious. JZAK sis

08.15.2016 Reply


I had Hulba in Somalia, and I loved it, I want to make it at home, it was like a juicy which I drinked it smelled good, my question is what are the ingredients for Fenegreek juice ? If you can give more details. Thank you

11.08.2017 Reply


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