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Rose water drink 1

Rose Water Lemon Drink


Rose Water Lemon DrinkRose water juice is a fragrant and refreshing drink which is nice treat for guests and special occasions. Rose water (shown below) is an ingredient which is created during the process of making rose essential oil and it is used as a food ingredient in a similar way as vanilla or almond extract as it is quite strong. You can find rose water at local Indian or Arab markets and it is very inexpensive. This recipe uses lemon and is not overly sweet. More or less sugar can be added depending on taste.


4 cups of water
2 tsp. rose water
2 drops red food coloring, optional cup + 2 tsp. white sugar
Juice from lemon

How to make

Combine all ingredients into a jug and mix well. Serve with ice and lemon. Serves 4.


Dr. Ibtisam al-farah - U.K

Just to say I loved your idea and your page. Well done

08.16.2012 Reply


Thanks for your comment, I appreciate hearing your feedback! :)



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Hello, love this♥ where can i buy rose water in the Us

04.20.2013 Reply


you can get it at arab/indian stores. amazon also carries it. thanks for your comment