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Bakhmri or Khameer


The fried dough called khameer or bakhmri is a famous food eaten in Hadramout and it has similar cousins in East Africa, India and other Arab countries. This bread-like treat can be made either sweet or savory depending on your taste. I made mine sweet in this recipe and I served it with tea for breakfast. The black seeds and cardamom are also optional.


2 cups flour
about 1/3 cup sugar – you can leave it out if you want them to be savory
¾ tsp. salt (more or less to taste)
2 tablespoons of powdered milk
1/8 cup oil
3/4 cup water
3 tsp. yeast
1 tsp. black seeds (optional)
¼ tsp. ground cardamom (optional)
Oil for frying

How to make

1.       Mix the yeast into the water or milk so it dissolves.

2.       Mix the yeast/water mixture into the rest of the ingredients to form a smooth dough. Cover and let rise for 1-2 hours.

3.       Break the dough into 4 pieces and form into smooth balls. Roll them out with a rolling pin to about 1/8 thick, or a little bit thicker. If you find it difficult to roll out, then then let the dough relax for 10 minutes. Cut them into the desired shapes. Cover and let rise for 30 minutes.

4.       Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium-medium high heat. Place the dough pieces into the oil and it should rise to the top and puff up. You can help this by splashing some oil on top or quickly turning the bakhmri. When it is brown on one side then turn and cook on the other side.

5.       Best served when warm.


Umm Ahmed

Assalam waalaikum sister, love your recipes and thanks for sharing them with us. I just wanted to ask you what is regular white flour, is it bread flour or all purpose flour. thanks in advance.

11.08.2013 Reply


you can use eitherbread flour or all purpose. i used all purpose. sorry for the delay in responding



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Rafika Rajab

I am so happy I subscribed to your Sheba Yemeni recipes, it has been fantastic to be able to make those dishes which I love.

Many thanks

05.24.2013 Reply


thanks yor taking the time to leave a comment. I am glad you enjoyed the recipes and ound them helpul :)


Amal Mohammed

I'm going to try this tonight if my husband likes it I will pray for you. Btw, I'm so proud of you.. such a talented lady.. Kisses from KSA

05.28.2013 Reply


thanks for your comment and kind words

I  hope your husband likes it :)


Amal Mohammed

Oh my god it was so yummy, my husband and my 2 kids liked it Extremely ashamed that I am a Yemeni who learn Yemeni cuisine from American , at the same time so proud of you

06.01.2013 Reply


I'm glad you liked it and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. And don't be ashamed, think of me as your sister :)



MashaAllah you made it seems so easy!! I'm asking these right now for my husband. I'm a newly married and I'm trying to make the best dishes for my husband. I hope they turn out as good as yours :)

10.06.2013 Reply


aww thats nice of you - i'm sure yours will be better!



Assalam wa'alikum sister love your recipes and thanx for sharing them with us. Just wanted to know when you say regular white flour is it bread flour or all purpose flour? thanx in advance

11.10.2013 Reply


Wow! I am surprised I did not discover you sooner. I used to search for Yemeni recipes online and didn't find much. I only found you by searching for Gulf style sambusas on youtube! I too am an American lady married to a Yemeni man but I have not had an opportunity to live in Yemen. I am friends here with many Yemeni ladies and learned much from them but the language barrier is really tough. I make many Yemeni recipes but am always trying to learn more an you have now given me that oppurtunity. For that I am truly grateful and offer you many thanks!!!!!

01.25.2014 Reply


Hi Katherine, love all your recipes, I am a follower of yours and a supporter. I would like to know if I can make the dough the night before and store in the fridge for an easier and faster morning? Jazash Allahu Khair 7abibty. 

10.26.2014 Reply


Hi Mounira and thanks so much for your comment. I have never tried that but i think it would be worth trying. Let me know what you find out



Yes you can make the dough the night before. It comes out great. I've even frozen left over dough and I can't tell you how great it come out.



I have tried various versions of such snack food items at my home and I loved this food called Khameer. The process of

making khameer seemed really simple to me and I think it is more like a anack that can be served with tea.


11.21.2014 Reply


It's similar to Mahamri AKA Maandazi, which I like very much.


03.17.2015 Reply


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